Intelligent Memory Surveillance (iMS) is a patented technology that detects and prevents computer memory failures before they occur, without impact to the end user. iMS dramatically improves computer reliability and significantly lowers manufacturer and OEM memory related RMAs and support costs.


Memory is one of the main cause of system failure

A large-scale research study of memory failures found the following:

  • Memory failure rates are much higher than previously reported – hundreds to thousands times higher than thought!
  • 1/3 of machines, and over 8% of DIMMs, experience at least one error per year.
  • The study found that an RDIMM, on average, may experience an error 10 times per day.
  • New generation DIMMs don’t have higher error rates despite concern that advancing densities in DRAMs may lead to the higher rates of errors
  • Error rates are strongly correlated with memory utilization
  • Error rates are not dominated by soft errors

See the original research paper from


We design reliable solution to detect and prevent memory errors



iMS allows end-user’s computer to identify memory failures seamlessly, even before they could occur. iMS improves computer system stability and prevents computer systems from losing sensitive information by:
  • Continuous background memory surveillance
  • Aggressive failure prediction
  • Isolation of confirmed and potential memory failures


server system ram server board


iMS Perform non-intrusive, seamless memory scans in end-user’s computer and identifies potential failures. iMS provides an early warning system for memory cell failures…
  • Identify the weak cells by employing stress tests
  • Isolate the location of weak cells subject to additional verifications
  • The iMS program will perform a background, high stress test on suspected cells
  • Memory cells can be released if they have passed all tests under a very rigorous standard



iMS improves system reliability significantly without affecting system performance
  • iMS is initiated at system boot up and only performs background memory testing when the system is not operating on battery and is in idle state
  • Memory surveillance scans the system memory continuously
  • Memory cell failures will be isolated automatically in the field without technician’s intervention or RMA
  • Additional opportunities exist to improve reliability by identifying and isolating “weak” cells
  • Better customer experience by reducing memory failures significantly
  • No additional hardware cost


iMS improves user experience with highly robust memory system
  • iMS ensures that memory failures are identified before system crash can occur
  • Isolation of defective memory will occur seamlessly without impacting user experience
  • Allows customer to use broader selection of memories



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  • iMS is the abbreviation of intelligence Memory Surveillance.
  • iMS is a KINGTIGER’s patented technology which detects and prevents computer memory failures round the clock. iMS, which is often considered as “resident immune system”, helps computers to self-detect and recover from a memory error. Thus iMS can significantly increase the stability of a computer system.
< R0001 >

  • Existing memory functionality cannot resolved all the memory problems. Common memory caused issues like blue screen, system instability and declined of performance still a headache of the industry. iMS is the technology comes to rescue.
  • Existing mechanisms are passive which require additional expensive hardware to protect computer server systems from memory failure.
  • KINGTIGER accumulates more than 20 years of experience and knowledge acquired from international DRAM and ATE testing to innovate iMS. iMS turns an ordinary computer into a full time Memory Tester, 24/7 self-detect and fix memory related error.
  • iMS is proactive memory protection system which can support both ECC and non-ECC memory. iMS not only can detect and isolate memory defects, it also closely monitor “ weak” memory cells and effectively isolate potential defective memory elements.
< R0002 >

  • Post Package Repair, from the DRAM manufacturers point of view, has been around in use for many years. Jedec merely begins the standardization the PPR process recently.
  • Imagine defective memory element is likened to culprits when PPR is considered as remediation to exterminate the culprits. The remaining question is “Who is supposed to identify and catch the culprits? “.
  • Another problem for PPR is the lack of effective detection system which can perform cyclic maintenance procedures involving relentless loops of test & repair processes. Not until the procedures have successful identified all possible memory failures, it remains a doubt that the PPR process has ultimately repaired bad cells or mistakenly quarantined the good cells.
  • PPR is considered as a hardware repair mechanism. Each internal bank can repair only one ROW and the computer has to be powered down afterwards. iMS acts as a software isolation method which is limited only by the availability of the system’s non-volatile storage space. It can continue operating without powering down the computer.
  • KINGTIGER is planning to integrate PPG into iMS which refines iMS into a more perfect solution.
< R0003 >

  • Certainly the existing structure is indispensable.
  • Most server suppliers are faced with a common problem – when a correctable error is detected by MC(machine check) algorithm, should that be reported to System Administrative Utilities ? If so, 90% chance it may trigger RMA call. Ignoring it may eventually lead to a system crash which is even worse!
  • iMS is pre-emptive method which can effectively prevent memory failure and provide solution for the above situation. ECC, SDCC etc. can only protect system passively.
< R0004 >

  • The real problem is that we simply do not fully understand where the problems are!
  • Google is one of the biggest worldwide server users. According to data collected during a joint research study by Google and Professor Schroeder from University of Toronto on long term monitoring on a large number of server systems, the study indicates that :
    • About a third of server machines and over 8% of DIMMs in their fleet reported at least one correctable error per year.
    • The annual incidence of uncorrectable errors is actually 1.3% per server machine and 0.22% per DIMM.

    See the original research paper from

  • According to the various module analysis and joint study by Intel and Carnegie University, it found that 80%+ of the modules are subject to ROW Hammer Risk.
  • Plainly speaking, many memory related problems were either being ignored by Memory Controller or not truthfully reported to the System Administrative Utilities when the MC detects/corrects a error.
< R0005 >

  • For example during DDR2 generation, there had been a lot of cases like one DIMM pass, two DIMM Fail, single side pass, double sides Fail. We thought that was caused by circuitry noise at that time. In fact, it is due to substantial increase of tRAS as the number of internal banks multiplies, making devices which have marginal tRASmax prone to failing.
  • The CPU internal Memory Controller provides a solution as follows :


It keeps monitoring tRAS. Once it finds a page which is opened for long time or when CPU-DRAM bus has idle time slot, it will close that page even though the tRASmax has not yet been violated.


While CPU manufacturer focus is on CPU’s performance primarily, any DRAM issue is considered as their secondary concern. Therefore not only that DRAM issue has not been addressed properly, it manifests into an intermittent hidden failure!

< R0006 >

  • Improve product quality by reduce failure – iMS can make the A+ module to work like A+++.
  • Reduce production cost – iMS upgrades the D Grade devices to work like B+.
  • Overall expectation – Quality UP, Cost DOWN.
< R0007 >

  • KINGTIGER provides services according with market need. We have plan to extend iMS support to ARM and Android after fulfilling our commitment to support Intel based products. However, if your company has huge business opportunities outside of Intel series, KINGTIGER is willing to provide special support to you to explore this opportunity.
< R0008 >

  • iMS can be incorporated through two different channels – motherboard manufacturers and module manufacturers.
  • KINGTIGER is currently creating a iMS certified module supply chain. If your company is interested in joining, please free feel to contact us directly for further information.
< R0009 >

  • Firstly, contact us and join the iMS certified modules supply chain.
  • Secondly, for all modules to meet the standard defined by KINGTIGER, the authenticated modules must be supplied by the iMS certified modules supply chain as well as tested by KINGTIGER testers.
  • Finally, KINGTIGER will add a special authentication code on the qualified EEPROM (SPD) modules upon the completion of certification process.
< R0010 >

  • At present, iMS has not been integrated into any ARM-base Motherboard.
< R0011 >

  • Certainly not.
  • Because iMS is integrated into different layer of BIOS, the system is able to behave in normal non-iMS version after disabling iMS function through BIOS setting interface.
  • iMS ready motherboards can use both iMS authenticated modules and regular modules.
  • iMS authenticated modules can be used on both iMS motherboard or non-iMS motherboard.
< R0012 >

  • Certainly yes.
  • In fact, it is more valuable for iMS to be integrated on system which uses onboard memory because defective onboard memory is generally more difficult to be replaced!
< R0013 >

  • In this case, the only way to integrate iMS is through the motherboard channel, not from the module channel.
< R0014 >

  • At present, iMS features are available in some of new generation of AMI and Insyde’s BIOS.
  • KINGTIGER is able to customize iMS according to the market need. If your company has huge business opportunities, it is our pleasure to customize products according to your requirement.
< R0015 >

  • A list of major mainboard companies are in the process of integrating iMS into their products. Due to Non Disclosure Agreement restriction, we encourage you to check with your suppliers directly.
  • If your mainboard supplier has not integrated iMS in their products, please let us know and we can initiate the iMS integration with them whenever possible.
< R0016 >

  • iMS does not cover memory system crash and failure 100%, similar to any other Antivirus software which does not provide 100% virus protection.
  • From the existing data, iMS is able reduce more than 50% of RMA rate.
  • According to the contract, KINGTIGER liability is limited up to value of license fee.
< R0017 >

  • iMS is not free of charge but from the view of the cost and benefit – it improves system stability, enhance product quality and reduce service cost. It provides a lucrative incentive for both computer supplier and manufacturers.
< R0018 >

  • To enable iMS protection, you would need:
    • A BIOS on the mainboard which integrated with iMS features.
    • iMS ready memory modules.
< R0019 >

  • The first company, which KINGTIGER worked with on this technology, is one of the top 5 world famous PC manufacturers. This technology has since been used for more than 3 years. Therefore it can be considered mature and stable.
< R0020 >

  • Internet cafes are rapidly expanding in various part of China. Currently there are more than two hundred thousand outlets and continues increasing in numbers.
  • Computers installed in Internet cafe are required to run 24/7 uninterrupted without any downtime. This stringent requirement becomes a real test for many computers.
  • The fact that iMS integrated computer systems are deployed in internet cafes under this extreme stability requirement, is by no means coincidence. Our commitment to iMS, which enhances computer reliability and stability, is indisputable.
< R0021 >


** KingTiger Technology, Inc. (KTI) reserves the right to change specifications, product descriptions, product quality, pricing, model applications and/or the information on this Web Site at any time without prior written or oral notice and without further obligation. Because some of this information may be updated at any time but not incorporated into the Web Site until later, please check with the KTI representatives for complete details.

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Introducing Intelligent memory surveillance(iMS)
iMS detects and prevents computer memory failures
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** KingTiger Technology, Inc. (KTI) reserves the right to change specifications, product descriptions, product quality, pricing, model applications and/or the information on this Web Site at any time without prior written or oral notice and without further obligation. Because some of this information may be updated at any time but not incorporated into the Web Site until later, please check with the KTI representatives for complete details.