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The Ultimate in Comprehensive One-Step FBD Testing



Fully Buffered DIMM technology is fast becoming the Memory of Choice for high speed, high capacity computing applications. With I/O speeds reaching up to 4GHz, the emphasis on providing comprehensive, reliable and accurate testing data becomes increasingly important in the engineering and production success of your memory products. KTI’s FBDIMM KT-2P delivers these needs today.



KTI meets or exceeds current Fully Buffered DIMM speeds. In IBIST mode, the FBDIMM is capable of varying the frequency from 1.6GHz to 4 GHz, in 24 MHz increaments.

The FBDIMM KT-2P is capable of exercising all components (AMB, Devices) at speed to provide the required stress to identify any potential errors.



  1. Meets or exceeds today’s bandwidth requirements
  2. At speed test accuracy


Comprehensive Validation

KTI’s FBDIMM KT-2P offers the most complete testing solution for Fully Buffered DIMM applications, all in a single platform. In addition the standard IBIST and MEMBIST tests, KTI offers:

  • True Master-to-Master, Master-to-Slave IBIST modes
  • Failure/Fault detail down to the individual channel for DUT AMB analysis
  • Transparent Mode/Direct Access Mode for full DDR2 analysis and characterization



  1. Complete FBD testing analysis, down to the I/O and Device
  2. Improved Test Coverage
  3. Lower Overall Test Cost


kti exclusive


Single Insertion

The FBDIMM KT-2P was designed with ease-of-use and efficiency in mind. All testing and analysis is performed with a single insertion to the tester. Simply recall your preferred test plan and let KTI’s expertise and experience handle the rest ; test patterns, spd programming, shmoo plots, etc.

The FBDIMM KT-2P chassis is a robust and field proven design. Fully ready for the production floor, the tester is equipped with high quality industrial DUT socket that is 100k+ insertion rated. With high volume in mind, the DUT is replaceable part, resulting in lowering operational costs.

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  1. Lower Testing Costs
  2. Higher efficiency and streamlined operations
  3. Sophisticated programmability in a single step


kti exclusive


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