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GALAXY Microsystems Ltd.galaxy_testimonial_logo

Galaxy’s belief is “Everything towards performance”. KingTiger’s KT-4MG Memory tester is our strongest artifact to produce overclocked DDR4 Memory Modules.


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Hermes Testing Solutions Inc.hermes_testimonial_logo

As a new entrant into the DRAM testing industry, HTSi has been using KingTiger’s test equipment to provide testing services for the majority of the DRAM industry. Compared to other ATE equipment manufacturers, KingTiger’s equipment has not only a high value of cost-performance measures, more importantly it provides the actual application environment with a targeted testing strategy. As DDR4 has become today’s mainstream, we are looking forward to launching of the high-volume DDR4 dedicated testers KT-4DG, by KingTiger in Q3 2016, which can bring additional capabilities to our testing services.

Inspur Technologies Co., Ltd.inspur_testimonial_logo

Inspur’s server sales have been growing rapidly in the past several years. This growth was built on our attitude of excellent performance and persistency of qualty. KingTiger’s iMS is perfectly aligned with these objectives. It has resulted in an effective control of the instable random ECC checking errors caused by ageing memory.

Insyde Software Corp.insyde_testimonial_logo

“KingTiger’s iMS technology improves system reliability, increase customer satisfaction and lowers support costs for our customers”, said Jeremy Wang, CEO of Insyde Software.
“We look forward to continuing our close engineering collaboration with KingTiger and offering integrated UEFI BIOS and memory failure detection solutions across many platforms,” added Wang.

View Paker Co. Ltd.viewpaker_testimonial_logo

Internet Cafes create a very challenging environment for computers. Computer equipment is being utilized on a 24/7 basis and need to outperform their maximum capabilities because of heavy gamer usage. It is no doubt that if the DRAM memory can survive in these extreme conditions, they can survive anywhere. As the largest supplier of AIO PC to China’s Internet Cafe market, ViewPaker provides high-end quality products with competitive prices. Based on our cost-effective requirements, we are definitely the most extreme company in the industry. KingTiger’s iMS provides an innovative “memory protection system” for computers, which greatly reduces the probability of an occasional blue screen or systemic machine collapse caused by a memory failure. That kind of guarantee is doubly satisfactory to our customers!

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