KingTiger Technology is a leading designer of Test Equipment for the memory semiconductor industry. Based on revolutionary new test techniques, KingTiger Technology’s test equipment presents added value for all different stages and levels of memory testing. From DRAM semiconductor fabrication to memory module production, KingTiger provides products and services that will reduce test cost and increase correlation to target applications at an unprecedented level.


In 1987, the first company of the KingTiger group was established in Ontario, Canada by a team of engineers from the memory semiconductor industry. The group has expanded sales offices and support centers in different countries, including Austin in United State, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong in China. To better support our international customers, new offices have been planned in the near future.


With over 30 years of industry experience, the engineers at KingTiger set out with the goal of solving industry wide problems: “Why do some devices pass every known test and still fail in the application?”, “How do I achieved target memory quality, within budget?” The technical staff at KingTiger has worked to develop products that would provide a solution to the concerns.


At the company’s foundation is the patented technologies, KingTiger’s engineer team had developed and keep doing research and development for better memory quality technologies. One of the major patented technology is named intelligent Memory Surveillance (iMS). iMS virtually enabled memory to do self-check, and self recovery from bad memory address. This technology effectively reduced memory error, and hence has increased system stability, and reduced RMA to the manufacturers.


Now, KingTiger Technology has emerged as a revolutionary designer of test equipment for the memory semiconductor industry. Using its new, proven patented test techniques, KingTiger Technology’s memory test equipment offers what no one else in the industry can: a cost effective state-of-the-art testing solution.